The full list of applicants accepted and excluded to the job vacancy procedure for recruiting of an Administrative Assistant, opened in 24 November 2017, is now published here.

We hereby notify all applicants that due to the very high number of applications accepted (more than 100) to this recruitment procedure and, consequently, to the first selection method (CV evaluation), and for celerity and urgency reasons in the conclusion of this recruitment procedure, the Jury has unanimously decided to proceed with the selection methods by stages, as stated in article 8 of the Ordinance number 83-A/2009, of January 22.

Therefore, the Jury has unanimously decided that, in accordance to the above mentioned article 8, number 1 b), the second selection method (professional interview) will only be applied to groups of applicants, summoning to the professional interview only groups of 25 applicants approved in the first selection method (CV evaluation), by descending order of graduation and in accordance to the legal priority of recruitment defined by Law, until the fulfillment of the above mentioned job vacancy.

This list of grades of each applicant accepted to the first selection method will be published soon, in the Embassy’s website.

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